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Snorkeling adventure in CozumelThere's no better place in the Caribbean to experience the wonders of undersea life than the island of Cozumel. With its rich network of coral reefs, Cozumel has gained international renown since oceanographer Jacques Cousteau captured the marvels of the ecosystem in a 1961 documentary.

We give you an opportunity to share the same thrill of exploring Cozumel's aquatic treasures with tours that are fun, accessible, and affordable. Our private snorkeling charter tour will take you to some of the most striking reefs in the National Marine Park of Cozumel Reefs, introduce you to the finer points of snorkeling, and treat you to the island's easy-going hospitality. With our introduction to scuba diving, you'll receive personalized instruction from experienced guides and get to try out your diving skills in one of the Caribbean's most well-known locations. Looking for something between snorkeling and scuba diving? Snuba may be the answer. For certified scuba divers, we offer a private dive charter that will take you to Cozumel's prized southern reefs.

Cozumel's Best at an Exceptional Price...
• Private snorkel charter to 3 stunning southern reefs for as little as $180!
• Snuba Dive up to 20 feet below the water's surface for $59 per person!
• Private 2-tank Scuba diving charter for $250 (non-divers welcome too)!
• Discover Scuba course with an ocean dive for $65 per person!

The reefs off the western shore of Cozumel are part of the Great Maya Barrier Reef, the largest system in the Western Hemisphere. The Great Maya Barrier Reef stretches from the Yucatan Peninsula to the coast of Honduras.

What makes Cozumel's reefs particularly popular with snorkelers and divers are the crystal-clear waters and abundance of sea life. Experience CozumelCozumel's limestone shoreline contributes to the clarity of the water, which ranges from brilliant turquoise to deep indigo. A steady current acts as an underwater broom, sweeping away lighter particles. In some areas, visibility extends beyond 100 feet. Water temperatures are equally appealing, reaching the low 80s (F) in the summer and dipping into the high 70s (F) during the winter. Tropical fish love Cozumel too. More than 200 species call the reefs home.

Our tours take full advantage of Cozumel's underwater beauty. We keep our excursions small to give each of our guests personalized attention. Professional English-speaking guides closely monitor our guests, so there's always someone nearby to help. With their local insight, they're quick to point out the highlights of the reefs and share their knowledge of Cozumel's wonders. An unbeatable value in an extraordinary setting -- that's our Cozumel experience.

Booking an independent tour
We understand your apprehension. Making a reservation with an unknown company in a far-away location requires a leap of faith. We're here to do everything possible to address your concerns, starting with the most important questions:
  • Are your tours a good value?
    We invite you to compare our prices with the competition. You'll find that we provide much better value than the excursion desks of the cruise ships. Our tours are also a bargain compared to the offerings of travel agencies and other tour operators. The more research you do, the better you'll feel about choosing Mayan Paradise Tours.
  • Will I miss my ship if I take your tour?
    Every cruise passenger's nightmare -- your ship sails into the distance while you're stranded on Cozumel. Don't worry. It's never happened and we'll make sure that it never does happen. If there's any doubt about fitting our tour into your schedule, we won't accept your reservation.
Visit our FAQs section for more answers to frequently asked questions about booking your tour on Cozumel.

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