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FAQs -- About Snuba Diving

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Am I physically fit enough for Snuba diving?
Diving down to 20 feet doesn't seem very deep. Will Snuba be much different than snorkeling?
How can I Snuba dive without a BCD (buoyancy compensator device)?
I can’t swim. How can I dive?
I wear contact lenses. What happens if I get water in my mask?
I'm confined to a wheelchair. Can I still Snuba dive?
I've never snorkeled before. Will I be able to Snuba dive?
If I have to wear a weight belt underwater, how will I be able to swim up to the surface?
The only time I tried scuba diving, the equipment made me very uncomfortable. What's different about Snuba?
What happens if I lose my breathing regulator during my dive?
What happens if I run out of air?
What if I get nervous or scared during the dive?
What if I'm not comfortable diving to a depth of 20 feet?
What's the minimum age for children to Snuba dive?
Whenever I snorkel, water gets in my mouth. Won't Snuba diving be worse?
Whenever I've dived while snorkeling, my ears have hurt. Won't Snuba cause more pain?

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